SmartPaddle Analysis

SmartPaddle measures the force generated in each arm stroke, and provides a detailed view of how both hands are pushing (or “holding”) the water throughout the pull phase of the stroke. Analysis of the force data provides an objective view of how the arm and hand moves under the water and provide several insights to the stroke technique that is not visible to the eye.
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Force is measured in three directions – vertical (red curve), side ways (yellow curve) and propulsive (green curve). The propulsive force is the desired force as it is the force that propels the swimmer forward of course, and is needed to overcome the drag by the body in water. Optimizing the propulsive force of each stroke, and minimizing the force used in sideways and vertical movements, will make the stroke more energy cost effective and therefore more efficient in moving through the water. Less movement sideways and/or vertically means less resistance, and less resistance means less drag and hence the propulsive force will generate a higher swimming speed.

In addition to the force data, the Smartpaddle analysis also provides a general picture of how the hand moves in the water, seen from three perspectives – from above, from the side, and from the back. Adding this insight to the force data makes it possible to pinpoint where in the stroke force is lost, and hence what can be done to improve the force generation. By filming the swim during the SmartPaddle measurements all the necessary information and data is available to take action toward a more efficient swim technique, and faster swimming of course.

Coach Vitazka’s SmartPaddle Analyses

Depending on the goal of the SmartPaddle measurement and analysis, a different number of measurements are recommended. If you want to get a good objective view of your swim technique and then work on the areas of improvement on your own, one analysis (1 measurement) is sufficient. But in order to evaluate and see if the desired improvements have been made over time, at least 2 analyses (measurements) are necessary. The follow up and evaluation could be done after 1 month or after a season depending on needs and urgency. There is also an option to work systematically and more intensive, to make the improvements in technique, by doing multiple measurements over a period of time, but with follow ups every week for a month’s time. This way of working with force data and analysis is a very powerful tool in making improvements in a short amount of time, but with long term effect.

1 measurement2 measurements1 month >2 measurements
1600 SEK2900 SEK5000 SEK

One measurement, or analysis, includes 90min session with measurements, technique evaluation, video analysis of the swim. It also includes a presentation of the data/information on site right after the session, technique drills that are based on the individual’s need as seen in the force profile and video. A complete report with SmartPaddle force data with a more in depth analysis and feedback is sent via e-mail and Dropbox within 48hrs of the session.


For groups, or teams, a clinic is recommended. Either 1 day clinic or a 2 day/weekend clinic, with measurements, presentation on force profiles and what the data means in terms of swim technique, technique training session(s) and individual feedback. To book a clinic or find out more contact Coach Vitazka for an offer (

SmartPaddle analyses during training camps

Why not provide added value to a training camp by doing Smartpaddle analyses during the camp? Coach Vitazka can help out with the regular training sessions, but more important provide in depth evaluations of each athlete’s swim technique, and access to do multiple SmartPaddle analyses for each athlete during the camp. Presentations/lectures on swim technique and force in the water can also be added upon request.

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