Trainesense is the company behind the SmartPaddle – the tool that measures force development in swim strokes. The SmartPaddle in an amazing tool and complement to traditional video analysis, but yet very simple to use even on a daily basis to provide feedback and to see the swim technique improve throughout the season. Foremost it is an objective assessment of swim technique instead of a subjective analysis that can differ from coach to coach since there are many different “schools” of what is considered “optimal technique”

Freker Sport

At Freker you can find all the equipment needed for technique work and drills – to train smart and become an efficient swimmer:
Snorkel – take out the movements due to breathing that might offset your symmetry. Being able to breathe without lifting or tilting the head makes focus on technique and drills a lot easier.
Paddles – a great tool for technique drills, easier activation of proper muscles through increased resistance and a larger surface area to push against the water.
Fins/Zoomers – DMC’s fins/zoomers (pictured below) is a perfect peice of equipment for technique training since more focus can be put on the arm movements as the fins help drive the speed forward


AquaFront offers in addition to interviews, articles with and about swimmers, Training Tips (via, also video analysis in the form of race analyses from races at larger competitions like Swim Open Stockholm, SM/JSM (Swedish Nationals) and some international competitions. Contact Nikola Lukic at for more information.