Efficient Training Plans

Train smart with a training plan and training sessions that are developed to improve efficiency in swimming, both in the pool and in open water. The different training plans includes tailored sessions for the pool as well as exercises on land that promote better mobility in the shoulders and back, and better body control – all important pieces to efficient swimming!

Efficient Training Plans are available in 3 levels:

  • Level 1 – season plan of 20-24 weeks with tailored swim sessions (3/week) plus mobility and body control exercises
  • Level 2 – season plan of 20-24 week (as Level 1) PLUS follow up weekly with evaluation of training and adjustments of the plan accordingly
  • Level 3 – year long plan up to 50 weeks including weekly follow ups, evaluations, adjustments to training plan, and private lessons 4x60min to be used during the year.

What does efficient swimming mean?

To increase your swimming speed you can A) increase the force generated and how much of that force is actually propulsive, and B) minimize drag and resistance through the water.

To swim efficiently means that the energy you expend while swimming will be used mainly on propulsive force. By minimizing movements that use force vertically or sideways, the force generated can be used mostly to propel you forward. You can increase your force output by training smart and becoming stronger, and you can improve how you use that force by making your swim technique more efficient = more focused movements for propulsive force. Therefore the swim technique is an important part of swim training and should be part of each session in one way or another.

When you swim efficiently you have a good body position in the water. Your body is balanced such that the resistance in he water is minimized, and you can use your swim technique in a more relaxed way, spending energy only where it is needed and when it is needed. When you move through the water, and with the water, you minimize your resistance and drag. Efficient swim technique is key to achieving a relaxed and balanced body position in the water.

If you have questions or if you are interested in these Efficient Training Plans, simply contact Maria for answers, offers and tips coach.vitazka@gmail.com – there is a plan for every need and wish